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Whether you are financing a new business, or refinancing an existing loan we will get you the best rates available.

Business Finance

At Corporate Financial Services (CFS) we know that funding is the lifeline of any pharmacy, whether you are starting out or already established. The ability to obtain funds is a business advantage, and to buy competitively is what sets CFS apart.

We are specialists in pharmacy and healthcare funding and because we understand your business we can negotiate the maximum commercial benefit. Placing our clients in a position of strength is paramount to our business, and our proven strategies, application, and ability to obtain unrivalled funds differentiates us from competitors.

If you’re considering buying a new business, we’ll evaluate your current finance to negotiate the best funding to achieve your goals. We have strong relationships with major lenders to ensure we can customise the right finance strategy for you. And through our renowned personalised service, we will continue to work closely with you to make sure your finance stays competitive at all times.

Our team of commercial brokers will assess your finance and provide a tailor made solution to optimise your position.

Get in touch today for help in getting you the best rates available in Australia for your business finance.

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